5th Graders Take Virtual Tour of the Musée de la Grande Guerre in Meaux, France

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Last week, ISTPs’ French Program 5th Graders took a tour of the Musée de la Grande Guerre (a museum of the First World War) in Meaux, France. A guide showed students around, and explained the various exhibits, which included WWI … Read More

Philippe’s Blog: Pioneering a Computer Science Curriculum at ISTP


I first witnessed the impact that computer science can have on a young mind when my son fell in love with coding in high school. At that time, very few schools offered any type of computer science curriculum, and my … Read More

Guest Blogger: Alyssa H.: Making Connections Through Exchange

Last year in fourth grade, I went on an exchange trip to Hangzhou, China with ISTP. I went with seven other girls, two teachers and a principal. When we were in Hangzhou, the students were paired up and sent to … Read More

An Eye on the Future: Board of Trustees and Strategic Planning

While ISTP’s administration focuses on daily operations, the Board provides the framework, planning, policies, and resources necessary for ISTP to fulfill its mission. With a foothold in the present and an eye on the future, the Board is also entrusted … Read More

Intentional Project and Theme Based Curriculum in Early Years Program

Last year's Kindergarten class explores the Cowper Campus Garden.

Guest bloggers and Early Years Program (EYP) Coordinators David Huang (Chinese), Cécile Roques (French), and Giselle Vallejos (English) share and provide examples of the intentional design and execution of collaborative projects and activities. Read more to find out what’s been … Read More

Guest Blogger Maryam Shabani: An Update on Playground Activities


This year, we’ve once again received very encouraging and positive feedback from students, parents and teachers regarding our playground activities. We continue to organize structured games and have moved forward with new activities on our playground. This is all to … Read More

Guest Blogger Dr. Judith Lessow-Hurley: Benefits of a Bilingual Education


Dr. Judith Lessow-Hurley is a professor at San Jose State University and a respected expert on bilingual and immersion education. ISTP is proud to welcome Dr. Lessow-Hurley as she presents her talk, “Language Development and Your Child,” on Monday November … Read More

A Decade with QiuShi Elementary School


One of the highlights of the 5th grade Chinese Program curriculum is a unique cultural exchange program with our sister school, QiuShi Elementary School, in Hangzhou, China. We visit them each April and they in return come to visit us … Read More