Guest Blogger Heidi Smith: Johnny Appleseed Inspires Interdisciplinary Connections


At ISTP, teachers enthusiastically look for connections across subjects, languages, and grades. These connections often crystalize into meaningful interdisciplinary projects that pique inquiry-based learning. Interdisciplinary projects help students thrive in their learning experience, motivate them to develop confidence in taking … Read More

Guest Blogger Jacqueline Cody: A Third Grade Class Reflects on Their Trip to Little Basin


On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, the third grade team departed for two days of experiential learning in the redwood forests of Little Basin and Pescadero marsh. Upon returning, the third graders reflected on their trip and had the following to say: … Read More

Guest Blogger Lauren Christel: Making Connections Across Programs With Elementary School “Houses”


If you’ve ever read the story Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, you’ve experienced firsthand the excitement of young wizards arriving at Hogwarts School for the first time and being sorted into their houses. While ISTP students are not wizards, … Read More

Guest Blogger Mike Kulbieda: Introducing ISTP’s New Elementary MakerSpace!


It is very exciting to announce the opening of the ISTP Elementary MakerSpace. The purpose of this flexible space is for students and teachers alike to celebrate curiosity, resourcefulness, empathy, and problem-solving, all in service to the act of creation. It will … Read More

Philippe’s Blog: How Curiosity and Failure are Key for Lifelong Learning

Perseverance and Success Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Chalk Drawing

This summer, I read Mindset-The New Psychology of Success, by Dr. Carol Dweck, Stanford professor. Dr. Dweck thoroughly researched the topic of strengthening and growing intelligence and talent through effort, grit, and perseverance. In her findings, she discovered the differences between the fixed … Read More

Graduation 2015: A Bittersweet Farewell to a Unique Educational Journey


On Wednesday, June 10th, the ISTP 8th grade class processed into the Rothschild Multipurpose Room to the traditional Pomp and Circumstance, wearing bright blue caps and gowns. In these ways, the ceremony had the marks of a traditional graduation. In … Read More