Guest Blogger Jacqueline Cody: Collaborative Planning at ISTP

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Over the last several months ISTP teachers have spent a great deal of time in collaborative meetings, close to 16 hours a week. As ISTP elementary school teachers prepare for the transition to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, planning … Read More

Guest Blogger Annie Madigan: Inquiring Into the Ways We are Balanced


Last week, Pre-K English was asked, “What makes you balanced?” The students, with a confused look, asked, “What is balanced?” They shared a few ideas such as yoga, skiing and hopping. The class stood up and practiced several poses to … Read More

Guest Blogger Ying Liang – Journal Sharing: Scaffolding Children’s Second Language Acquisition through Meaningful Conversations


“你要看我的嗎?” Do you want to read my journal? I use journals in my nursery classroom to help children develop their comprehension and storytelling abilities. A personal journal provides a space where children can learn to tell a coherent story, even when that … Read More