Experiential Learning in Blérancourt, France

French Cultural Exchange Trip to Blérancourt

Each year, ISTP’s 5th grade French students have the opportunity to travel to Blérancourt, France on an immersion exchange trip. This incredible opportunity not only helps students to solidify their language skills, but also expands their cultural understanding and is … Read More

Creativity, Collaboration, and Design Thinking in 1st Grade Chinese


On Tuesday morning in Portia’s 1st grade Chinese classroom, students were buzzing with excitement. The class was gathered around a tableau they had created themselves, collectively writing their own story about the scene before them. The activity was part of … Read More

Experiential Learning: 3rd Grade Overnight Trip to Point Reyes

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Last week, the third graders embarked on an exciting overnight camping trip to Pt. Reyes, a location chosen for its rich historical and geographical features. This trip offered our third graders the very best of experiential learning. The learning opportunities … Read More

ISTP Students Excel in 39th Annual Mandarin Speech Contest

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The Mandarin Speech Contest, sponsored by the Chinese Language Teachers Association of California, is an annual ISTP tradition. The contest, held in San Francisco each year, is always a fun challenge for our Chinese Program students, giving them the opportunity … Read More

Guest Blogger Suzanne O’Brien: Trustee Education

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One of the five planks in the ISTP 2011-16 Strategic Plan is Board Governance & Leadership.  Trustee education is an important ingredient to sustaining a superior Board that supports the school’s mission through it’s leadership, financial support, and long-term planning.  The … Read More